OK, so this will be my third month with this subscription and I have to say I like it, but I will also state that April’s items were my favorites (April 2016 UPPERCASEBOX) because of the Harry Potter bookmarks wink, wink.  This month box included a Deathly Hollows magnetic, a costume made tote bag and some bookmarks, one of them is an interactive game you can do on their website.  This monthly subscription lets you pick the price plan that best fits your budget, both plans include a hard cover young adult book, usually signed by the author, some bookish items if you go with the Expert plan and an interactive contest. Also, they both include a personal handwritten note for you.  I would recommend this monthly subscription box to anyone that unlike me, doesn’t really shop a lot books (I buy books almost every week!)  and are not sure which book to get because they feel overwhelm picking just one book.  Here is the video if you’re interesting in watching June 2016 UPPERCASE Unboxing

You can check it out here: UPPERCASEBOX  and decide for yourself.



8 thoughts on “June 2016 UPPERCASE UNBOXING

  1. Ive heard so much about this book, everyone is getting it. It definitely sounds interesting! I might also start doing some book box subscriptions!


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