July 2016 Bookish Challenges

Well, July is here and so are the new bookish challenges.  I have never done a challenge before and so I decided this month I was going to make it a point to do one.  After searching for new challenges I found two that looked interesting and fun to me and since I couldn’t decide on which one to do I chose to do them both or at least attempt to complete them, I guess we shall see.

Challenge #1 #BookishJulyBR

This one is from @leiturascreta @nickmafra   it was the first one I found and after reading the challenges I was like OK easy peasy, so feel free to tag yourself and some friends and join the challenge as well



Challenge #2 #BookishJuly16

Now to the second challenge, this one also looked so interesting that I just couldn’t decide and after much back and forth well they both won.  This one was created by @bookpairings &@alyssaisreading


I hope I get to finish both challenges without missing a day and don’t forget to follow me on my instagram @chapterswelove

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