The Prince and The Dressmaker by Jen Wang

The Prince and the Dressmaker

  •  Author:  Jen Wang
  •  Published: February 13th, 2018
  •  Publisher: First Second
  •  Rating: 5/5

prince and dressmaker

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Goodreads synopsis

Paris, at the dawn of the modern age:

Prince Sebastian is looking for a bride―or rather, his parents are looking for one for him. Sebastian is too busy hiding his secret life from everyone. At night he puts on daring dresses and takes Paris by storm as the fabulous Lady Crystallia―the hottest fashion icon in the world capital of fashion!

Sebastian’s secret weapon (and best friend) is the brilliant dressmaker Frances―one of only two people who know the truth: sometimes this boy wears dresses. But Frances dreams of greatness, and being someone’s secret weapon means being a secret. Forever. How long can Frances defer her dreams to protect a friend? Jen Wang weaves an exuberantly romantic tale of identity, young love, art, and family. A fairy tale for any age, The Prince and the Dressmaker will steal your heart.


My thoughts

This is the cutest and most perfect graphic novel I have ever read!  From the artwork to the amazing characters I just loved it and just read it in one sit! I did nothing but smile at these two.

This story follows Frances a dressmaker, she is summoned to work with Prince Sebastian after he sees one of her fashion forward creations.  Sebastian secretly loves to wear dresses and wigs and is most comfortable wearing dresses than his regular boy clothes.  Once Frances knows about Sebastian secret she decided she will help him and keep his secrets.

One of my favorite things about this story is the friendship and how Frances accepts Sebastian for who he really is a boy that loves to wear dresses.  Their friendship was not perfect but they were always there for each other.  One thing I have to say is I felt like this friendship was going to be something more, I don’t know maybe it was just me but I felt that the friendship was maybe going to turned into something more.

Overall, this was a beautiful story of acceptance and true friendship and I wholeheartedly recommended.  I couldn’t stop smiling days after finishing this book.




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