Brimstone by Cherie Priest


  • Author: Cherie Priest
  • Published: April 4, 2017
  • Publisher: Ace Books
  • Rating: 4/5


Book Synopsis


In the trenches of Europe during the Great War, Tomas Cordero operated a weapon more devastating than any gun:  a flame projector that doused the enemy in liquid fire.  Having left the battlefield a shattered man, he comes home to find yet more tragedy – for in his absence, his wife has died of the flu.  Haunted by memories of the woman he loved and the atrocities he perpetrated, Tomas dreams of fire and finds himself setting match to flame when awake….

Alice Dartle is talented clairvoyant living among others who share her gifts in the community of Cassadaga, Florida.  She too dreams of fire, knowing her nightmares are connected to the shell-shocked war veteran and widower.  And she believes she can bring peace to him and his wife’s spirit.

But the inferno that threatens to consume Tomas and Alice was set ablaze centuries ago by someone whose hatred transcended death itself…

My Thoughts

This story takes place in Cassadaga, Florida in the 1920’s.  We get alternating points of view  the characters are linked thru dreams.  First  we have Alice Dartle a clairvoyant looking to enhanced and master her gifts the second character is Tomas Cordero that returns from war to find that his wife had died of the flu and he dreams of fire.

I loved Priest’s story telling and setting I didn’t know there was a real Cassadaga, Florida until I read this book and now I’m planning a trip there this year.  I felt that even thought I liked the characters Alice wasn’t fully developed as the amazing character I was hoping she will be by the end of the story.  Oh and let me not forget about the little chihuahua in the story I think he stole the show.

Overall this was a nice enjoyable read about good versus evil and how war can change a man’s life.


P.S. Thank you to the Publisher for providing me with a free copy for review.



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