Revenger by Alastair Reynolds


  • Author: Alastair Reynolds
  • Published: September 15th, 2016
  • Publisher: Orbit
  • Ratings: 4/5


Book Synopsis

The Galaxy is filled with treasures…

If you have the courage to find them.

Adrana and Fura Ness are the newest crew members of the legendary Captain Rackamore’s ship, using their mysterious powers as Bone Readers to find clues about their net score.  But there might be more waiting for them in space than adventure and fortune: the fabled and feared Bosa Sennen in particular.

My thoughts

This was such a fun and interesting story, I loved it from the very beginning.  this is a YA Sci-fi story with lots of action, space pirates, buried treasure and  and a mix of interesting characters.  I loved the bond between the sisters.

The story follows two sisters Adranna the fun, adventure seeker and Arafura (Fura) Ness the shy one of the two.  Adranna convinces Fura to board a spaceship in order to make money and go on an adveture.  Fura agreed to it to help the father with the debt he has accumulated due to a world economic crashed.  They are recruited by Captain Rockmore to become the new bone-readers to pick up signals from outer space.

The world building was excellent even thought some part felt old some of the technology was advance.  I have to mentioned some violence but nothing too gruesome.  The only negative thing I can say about this story is how we see Fura goes from a shy, scared young woman to a very strong young lady driven by revenge, some of the things that happened, happened too fast but this was still a great story with great likeable characters.

I say this is a great YA Sci-Fi coming of age story, one I loved and recommend to all.



Thank you to the author and Orbit books for providing me with a copy of this book, in exchange for a review. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN.

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