A Little Blog Update

Hi guys, hope you are all doing amazing and that you have enjoyed the summer.  I don’t know if you guys noticed but I haven’t been posting anything for closed to two months and the truth is that other than you know life there’s really no reason for my lack of activity.  To be honest I haven’t feel like posting anything or making any youtube videos at all but I have been reading some great books and watching a lot tv.

I’ve been on a GoT kick lately and decided that before season 7 started I was going to re watch everything from the very beginning and that turned into also watching a lot of GoT videos on youtube as well I know I’m addicted and knowing there’s not much left of the show I just want to get everything I can lol…Also, I started watching Outlander and I’m only on season two but I’m loving it!

So for the update, I’ll be back to my blog starting next week with my July wrap up and then some reviews there’s many books that I have read that need to be reviewed but between reading and watching tv I totally have neglected them.

So, I  hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and will be seeing you all soon.



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