July 2019 TBR

Ok, so is actually that time when most everyone in the book community are planning their monthly reads and I used to be one of them but one day I found that it’s hard for me to set a list of books to read for any given month since I would start a book and ended up picking sometime else the next day, so I gave up on making a monthly tbr list but there are some books I definitely want to read pretty soon and I’m hoping to get to them this month but no promises.

Here is my July TBR


I know that’s a pretty big list but after realizing how many books I read in my June Wrap Up I can’t help but be a little ambitious about my July TBR.  I’m sure I”m forgetting some books and some will be added to the list later on.



2 thoughts on “July 2019 TBR

  1. Ooh I really hope I can read wicked saints as well this month, but for some reason that book has ridiculous delivering times.. I would also like to listen to ghost of the shadow market on audio!
    I hope you get to all of them 🙂



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