The Damaged, The Insiders Trilogy #2 by Tijan

The Damaged, The Insiders Trilogy #2

  • Author: Tijan
  • Published: February 8th, 2022
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
  • Ratings: 3/5

the damage










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Goodreads synopsis

No longer an outsider, Bailey has a family and love that she never could’ve imagined.

Used to living in the shadows, Kash will now do anything to protect his family and his woman.

They will take on the world together…

In the meantime, stunning motives, lies, and explosive secrets continue to unfold.

1. Quinn is in jail, awaiting trial.

2. Friends might actually be enemies.

3. And what is Calhoun plotting? More importantly, will Kash discover it before it’s too late?

Everything will come to a head as passion and danger ignite in The Damaged.


My thoughts

This is the second book in The Insiders Trilogy by Tijan and I’m definitely enjoying the ride.  If you haven’t read the first book in the series then this probably will be a spoiler for you if you continue to read. 

This book  picks up where we left off in book one, where Bailey our main heroin finds out her father who she thought was dead is well and alive and is none other than her tech idol Peter Francis.  Her father’s enemy tried to kidnapped Bailey but wasn’t successful and this event leads to her being sent to a secure villa where she finds out she not only has a living father but also, siblings! and We also meet our love interest Kash her father’s bodyguard and right hand man.

In the first book we also know there is a big attraction between Bailey and Kash, I really love this pairing.  Kash is an absolute alpha and I was here for that, and let’s not forget Bailey, she’s smart and strong headed.  In this book she is dealing with all the truths that were hidden from her and another kidnap attempt. 

I loved the siblings, we still get to interact with them in this book and Matt, well, I did had mixed feelings about him but in the end I ended up loving him just as much.  Victoria so annoying but I kind of enjoy her as a character.  Quinn  wow, hated her. 

The one thing I dislike about the story was the miscommunication between Bailey and Kash, and this was more on Kash part than Bailey.  There is nothing more annoying to me than a lack of communication and this was done repeatedly through the story, I just wanted to grab Kash and shake him a bit and see if maybe that worked LOL.  

There were so many things happening with Kash, he is now one of the riches man in the world and his grandfather wants his fortune.  So much going on with him I understand he wants to keep things from Bailey and she is too smart and even though she doesn’t know the full story she knows there is something he is hiding from her. 

I’m really looking forward to the final book in this trilogy since we are left on another cliffhanger.  I enjoyed the story, the characters and the romance.  Please send me the next book now.

One last thing in this book we get dual POVs even though it’s mostly Bailey’s POV I Love getting Kash’s view, definitely a pleasant surprise. 

As per the Audiobook, a production of Macmillan Audio,  was narrated by Emma Galvin and Joe Arden and they both did a great job with the narration.


Thank you to Netgalley, St. Martin’s Griffin, and the author for the advanced audiobook copy in change for an honest review.  

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