Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty


Six Wakes

  • Author: Mur Laffety
  • Published: January 31st, 2017
  • Publisher: Orbit Books
  • Ratings: 5/5

Book Synopsis


In the depths of space, it’s pretty normal to wake up in a cloning vat.  The streaks of blood, however?  Not so normal.

Maria Arena has been cloned before. Usually when she awakens as a new clone, her first memory is of how she died.  This time, she has no idea.  Her memories are incomplete.

And Maria isn’t the only one to have died recently….

My thoughts

An awesome science-fiction, murder mystery story involving six characters that wake up to find their previous clones murdered and have no idea how it happened.  These crew members have been aboard the spaceship for twenty-five years and now they find themselves with no memories or recollection of what had happened and it’s obvious since this is a locked room mystery that the killer is one of them.

The book starts with the laws regarding Clones, the characters are very interesting and we get their back stories, letting you know how they ended up aboard the ship.  I seriously thought I knew who the killer was every time I read one of the crew member perspectives and I was wrong quite a lot.  This was a diverse group of characters that included and AI which I found to be annoying at times but you will also get some of his story as well and I tell you it was very interesting, actually the whole crew was interesting to know.

The story is told in six part called Wakes, and it goes Wake One, Wake Two etc.. you get it, hence the title “Six Wakes” LOL…OK, so I’m stopping right here before I give out any spoilers and you hate me for it, just go and pick up your copy, it was a quick, fun read and it engaged me from the beginning.

Overall loved the story, the writing was excellent and can’t wait to read more from Mur Lafferty.

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