Lightning in the Blood, Book 2 of The Varekai by Marie Brennan

Lightning in the Blood, A Book of The Varekai

  • Author: Marie Brennan
  • Published: May 30th, 2017
  • Publisher:
  • Ratings: 4.5/5

Lightning in the blood

Cold-Forged Flame, Book 1

Book Synopsis

At the beginning-no-at the end she appears, full of fury and bound by chains of prophecy

Once, there was a call-a binding, and so, a woman appeared, present in body but absent in knowledge of her past self.  Making the ultimate journey of rediscovery was not without its own pitfalls-or rewards-and now Ree, a roaming archon, spirit of legend and time and physically bound to her current form, has yet to fully uncover her true identity.

Ree has spent her last innumerable seasons on the move-orbiting, in some sense, the lands her only friend in this world, Aadet, who has become intricately involved in the new post-revolution politics of his people.  Swinging back from the forest surrounding Solaike, Ree falls in with another wandering band, some Korenat refugees searching for their own protection on a trade route besieged with fallout of the recent uprising.  The korenat’s plight might not have stricken Ree so deeply, but they are accompanied by their own archon, who seems to know much more about Ree’s own origins than she dared to hope.

My thoughts

First I would like to say, that you need to read the first book in this short series to get an idea of what’s going on, so if you haven’t read that book yet, go ahead read it and then come back. otherwise you will get a little spoiled, I won’t be going into too much detail since this is the second book in a series of short novellas and oh how I wish this were full length novels.

Ok, so in the first book we get our nameless protagonist that was created from some mystical magic, we know she’s an archon and by the end of the story we know her name is Ree but that’s about all we know. At the start of Lightning in the Blood some time has passed and she’s been traveling from place.  She meets a group gypsies, refugees  looking to settle down and get protection, with this group of refugees Ree meets another archon who seems to have met Ree before.  She gets some answers but not enough to really know where she comes from or who she used to be so we are still learning in this second book.  Not a lot of mystery or action in this second installment but we do get to see Ree’s friend and old allied Aedet which we met on Cold-Forged Flame, Aedet joins Ree in an battle conflict and I’m not sure if there’s more to this friendship beside what we are shown but I’m looking forward to more of them together.

In conclusion, I LOVED this sequel, we know there will be more adventures with Ree and Aedet and I can’t wait for the book in this series.  I love the characters and love following Ree’s story to finding herself and uncovering the past.


4 1 2 stars







Thank you to for providing me with a copy of this book, in exchange for a review. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN.

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