My Most Anticipated Releases for June 2019

Ok, so I know I have been missing a lot here and this year hasn’t been the best reading one for me due to school and you know that thing call life getting in my way  of reading.  But I needed to take a break and show you guys the books I’m really exited to read this summer and I figured why not post it this Memorial weekend.

I already added these books to my TBR pile and will be reading them once I get some free time but without further ado lets get on this short list of June releases.


Books listed by release date:

sorcerySorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson – Release Day June 4th, this one was recently added to my tbr list because of Julie over at Pages and Pens mentioned she really enjoyed this book and I need to know why, so make sure to give Julie a follow and watch out for her upcoming review of this book.


ghost of shadowGhosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare and other various writers – Release Day June 4th, this is a bind-up and I have read a few of these novellas and loved them and I’m happy to see them all together I believe there’s a total of eight short stories and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it.


GirlinRed-CoverAnimationThe Girl in Red by Christina Henry – when I saw this was a thing I knew I had to added to my list, this will be my fourth book by Christina Henry and I have to say I really love her re-telling one of my top favorite and the one that had me wanting to read more of her work is Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook after reading and loving Lost Boy I picked up The Mermaid and last I read Alice, The Chronicles of Alice #1 a very dark retelling of Alice in wonderland but I have to say I loved it!  I still have to pick up Red Queen, Alice Chronicles #2  but so far I haven’t been disappointed with any of Christina’s work.

The Girl in Red is a post-apocalyptic take on The Red Riding Hood and it sounds like something I’ll very much enjoy and can’t wait for it to released on June 18 and will have a full review as soon as I get to read it.


What are some of your most anticipated summer reads?


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