Book Haul | June 2019

Hello friends!  I hope you are all having a great summer filled with sunshine and fun.  Today I have quite a few books I purchased in June and I can’t believe the amount of books I actually bought, jeezzz I haven’t done a haul this big in a while but so many books out there that are waiting for me to give them a good home, how can I resist.

Anyways, lets get this started, and I’m sure for the next two months by book buying will be very minimal (I think) I can’t make any promises.

Here are books I got including subscription boxes:


I was also lucky enough to receive some ARCs, a BIG Thank You! to the authors and publisher for allowing me to have these:

And that is all the books I purchased/received in June.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Book Haul | June 2019

  1. Well you have some great books to look forward to! I recently read sorcery of thorns and really enjoyed it! Wicked saints is currently making its way over here 🎉



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