Five Midnights by Ann Davila Cardinal

Five Midnights  Author: Ann Davila Cardinal  Published: June 4th, 2019  Publisher: Tor Teen  Rating: 3/5 Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads Goodreads synopsis If Lupe Dávila and Javier Utierre can survive each other’s company, together they can solve a series of grisly murders sweeping though Puerto Rico. But the clues lead them out of the real … Continue reading Five Midnights by Ann Davila Cardinal

The Girl In Red by Christina Henry

The Girl In Red  Author:  Christina Henry Published: June 18th, 2019  Publisher: Berkley  Rating: 5/5 Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook ♥♥♥♥♥ The Mermaid ♥♥♥♥ Goodreads synopsis It's not safe for anyone alone in the woods. There are predators that come out at night: critters and coyotes, snakes … Continue reading The Girl In Red by Christina Henry

All Our Broken Pieces by L.D. Crichton

All Our Broken Pieces Author: L.D. Crichton Published: May 7th, 2019 Publisher: Disney-Hyperion Rating: 5/5 Amazon|Barnes & Noble |Goodreads Goodreads synopsis "You can’t keep two people who are meant to be together apart for long...” Lennon Davis doesn’t believe in much, but she does believe in the security of the number five. If she flicks the … Continue reading All Our Broken Pieces by L.D. Crichton

Check, Please!: #Hockey, Vol. 1

Check, Please!: #Hockey, Vol. 1 Author: Ngozi Ukazu  Published: September 18th, 2018 Publisher: First Second Rating: 4/5 Amazon | Barnes & Noble  |  Goodreads Goodreads synopsis: Helloooo, Internet Land. Bitty here! Y’all... I might not be ready for this. I may be a former junior figure skating champion, vlogger extraordinaire, and very talented amateur pâtissier, but … Continue reading Check, Please!: #Hockey, Vol. 1