Down The TBR Hole #1


Hello all! I decided to join the Down The TBR Hole this New Year to help me narrow down which books I really need to get to or get rid off.  Right now my Goodreads TBR shelf is sitting on about 695 books and I know I won’t be able to get to all of them but at least this will help me prioritize my list.

Down The TBR Hole was originally created by Lost In A Story and I have seen many posts from the lovely Melanie @meltotheany and other bloggers so I decided to jump right in this year.  The point is to help you narrow down your Goodreads TBR and also help with which books you are longer interested in.  I will try to do this once a week since like I said before my TBR is about 695 books and that’s not counting the new releases that I’m sure I will be adding to the list.

How it works:

♦ Go to your Goodreads to read shelf

♦ Order on ascending date added

♦ Take the first 5 or 10 books (any amount of books you like)

♦ Read synopses of the books

♦ Decide whether to keep or Toss

I’ll be doing the challenge weekly since my to read list is out of control but you decide on how you want to do it.

So, here are my first 6 books:


1) Red Queen, Book #1 by Victoria Aveyard – This one been sitting on my shelf since release day and I’m not sure if I want to pick it up after reading Cruel Crown, I only like half of that novella and there’s mixed reviews on the follow up books that I’m afraid I’ll love the first book and hate the rest of the books. ♦ Verdict: Not Sure

2) Ruby Red Kerstin Geir – This one got my attention because of time travel but to tell you the truth I have completely forgotten about it and to be honest this is the first book in the Eldestein trilogy and I honestly don’t think I’ll be getting to any of them.                ♦ Verdict: Toss

3) Heartless by Marissa Meyer – This is a retelling of Alice’s in Wonderland and I need to get to this hopefully this year.  I love retelling and I’ve been meaning to pick it up but keep forgetting about it. ♦ Verdict: Keep

4) The Winner’s Curse by Mari Rutkoski – Another series I ran to collect but have been collecting dust ever since.  I’m still interesting in reading it and will make time for it this year. ♦ Verdict: Keep

5) A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schawb – I’m not sure why this is on this list since I really enjoyed A Darker Shade of Magic. ♦ Verdict: Keep

6) Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes – I read Falling Kingdoms last year and even thought it was so much to take with different POV’s at the end I was totally intrigued but I’m not sure what happened, at the end of the first book I wanted to know what was coming next and now writing this I need to pick it up soon.  ♦ Verdict: Keep

Okay, so these are my oldest books and I started using Goodreads back in 2015 so most of the books were added in 2016 and I have been adding ever since to the point that is now around 695 books minus the one I’m tossing here today.

Now, let me know if you agree with some of these or not and which one you think I should read first.


Thank you for stopping by and reading and I’ll see you on my next post!


6 thoughts on “Down The TBR Hole #1

  1. I haven’t read any of these, but I have heard that books by V.E Schwab is really good. I’m a little bit on the fence about The Red Queen as I have heard both positive and negativ things about the book.


      1. Have you read any of the other V.E. books yet? I have already got A darker shade of magic on by TBR shelf, but would would really appreciate it if you have any recommendations!


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